This week was an incredible week for people who were involved in BizTalk Server. At the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2011 Tony Meleg (Microsoft) delivered an important session "The Future of Middleware and the BizTalk Roadmap". Richard Seroter nicely summarized his view here.  After so much buzz in the twitter and blog space, I decided to watch this video. Being a BizTalk Server MVP, we were aware of all these things slightly earlier than the general public, but it was good to get a recap. While watching the presentation, I was tweeting (@biztalk360) all the important statements from Tony Meleg, I summarized everything here so the tweets won’t disappear in the wild (you need to read from bottom to top :-).

At the end the main takeaway for me is, BizTalk as a product/brand name may go away after few years, few revisions of AppFabric vNext (which for the time being they call it as future of BizTalk). But the integration concepts like adapters, pipelines, work flows (Orchestration name will die), rules, BAM, etc are going to remain the same. We just need to learn how to do things in new way. This cloudy thing is big, we can’t ignore it. The great thing you need to keep in mind is "One strategy, make it run in the cloud, make it run on-premise full stop", that means you don’t need to learn multiple things.

Microsoft is great in delivering such things, proof is .NET Framework and it’s Languages. Whether you are a Web developer, WPF, Silverlight, SharePoint, BizTalk or whatever you got one framework and your one preferred programming language to do things.

If you remember the saying,

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change" – Heraclitu, Greek philosopher

and I welcome the change.

Text Version

  • BizTalk as product/brand name may go away after few years but the integration concepts are going to remain – SK
  • Managed to watch the full video very open transparent view from Microsoft about direction of BizTalk
  • Migrate the whole application is not going to happen, its more like migrate each artifacts pipelines, rules, workflows etc -Tony M #WCP11
  • Invest in migration tools/guidance, Make the platforms work together – Tony M, #WPC11
  • Continue to ship current BizTalk architecture, because we don’t know how long this new thing is going to take – Tony M #WPC11
  • We are building only one thing, cloud first and then suck those pieces down as server version – Tony M #WPC11
  • Set your expectations very low with what we have shipped, it will take a long time to realize the vision – Tony M #WPC11
  • This picture is the next BizTalk Server – Tony M #WPC11
  • AppFabric ServiceBus team responsible for unifying, rationalizing and delivering a messaging platform on behalf of the company – TM #WPC11
  • AppFabric Container is the heart of future middleware, it’s the host capable of elastic scale – Tony Meleg #WPC11
  • It’s multi-year, multi-release vision – Tony Meleg #WPC11
  • 1. BizTalk Investments, 2. Build cloud based middleware plat, 3. Solve capability islands, remove duplication – Tony Meleg #WPC11
  • One strategy, make it run in the cloud, make it run on-premise full stop – Tony Meleg #WPC11
  • Replacing BizTalk Orchestration engine with WF is like doing major heart surgery, really difficult -Tony Meleg
  • Finally watching Tony Meleg’s talk

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