Finally it’s here – there was some talk internally within MS about an adapter being
built to communicate to WF Runtime, thus allowing hosting of WF workflows within BizTalk.

At the moment we’re at cross roads with BizTalk 2006, as the Orchestration/Business
Process designers and technologies is built on a language called XLANG which is compiled
into C# and executed.

On the other side, we have WF workflows, XAML, XML, .NET based, extensible and looking
good…..but it needs to find a home. It’s homeless but always keen to meet up with
a host. The question of hosting WF Workflows is not taken lightly as scalability,
availability, durability etc all come into the equation (the ‘hello world’ WF console
application just doesnt cut it 🙂 )

So let’s get the best of both worlds – I previously did a MSDN
webcast on this around the time when the message from MS was “for small stuff
– use WF. For bigger things use BTS” – but why cant the 2 worlds live together?

Now – they can!!!!

Microsoft WF Team have released ‘BTS Extension for WF’ where there is ‘no
BizTalk code required’
(hmmm….maybe I should stop my mission of finding
BizTalk people and look at WF people).

Go and register on the connect site/fill in a quick survey and get downloading!!!!

Grab the BTS
Extensions for WF here


Happy playing……’s wabbit season…no duck season….no wabbit season….