Hi all

I had a post about one of the context
accessor functoids
which can be seen here: http://blog.eliasen.dk/2009/04/01/TheContextAccessorFunctoidPartI.aspx

This post is about the other one – the one that can only be used in a map that is
used in a receive port.

Basically, the functoid takes in three inputs:


The first is the name of the property and the second parameter is the namespace of
the property schema this property belongs to. The third parameter is an optional string
that is returned in case the promoted property could not be read.

This functoid only works in a map that is called in a receive port
and only if the receive location uses a pipeline that uses the ContextAccessorProvider
pipeline component that is included in he same DLL as the functoids.

What the pipeline component does is, that it takes the context of the incoming message
and saves it in a public static member. This way, the functoid can access this static
member of the pipeline component and read the promoted properties this way.

Good luck using it.