I co-authored an article titled ‘Design Considerations for S+S and Cloud Computing’ in this months Architecture Journal.  I co-authored this along with 8 other architects at Microsoft.  They were Fred Chong, Alejandro Miguel, Jason Hogg, Ulrich Homann, Brant Zwiefel, Danny Garber, Joshy Joseph and Scott Zimmerman.


Here is the summary: The purpose of this article is to share our thoughts about the design patterns for a new generation of applications that are referred to as Software plus Services, cloud computing, or hybrid computing. The article provides a view into S+S architectural considerations and patterns as they affect common architectural domains such as enterprise, software, and infrastructure architecture.

Check it out at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/architecture/aa699439.aspx

Also be sure to check out the other great articles in the 21st edition of the magazine.  This edition is focused on SOA today and tomorrow.