In a recent blog post I discussed how you would host an RFC in BizTalk that SAP could call.  I thought it would be helpful if I also included a post that would discuss how you can test your BizTalk Hosted RFC.  Like most BizTalk Developers, I wanted to be able to perform some tests on my own without bothering our SAP team.  So by following these steps I was able to perform some tests on my own.

NOTE: Performing the following steps will require developer permissions in SAP. I suspect that with this kind of access I could get myself in all kinds of trouble.  Luckily for me, our SAP Security team didn’t ask me too many questions when I requested access.  Smile



  • Execute the SE37 “ABAB Function Modules” transaction.
  • Type in the name of your Function Module.  In my case it is ZISU_RFC_ADD and then click the Test/Execute button highlighted in Red or press F8


  • We now have the opportunity to provide our inputs.  If you recall from my previous post, this RFC will accept two integer inputs and then provided the sum in the response message.  Once we have our two inputs populated we can click on the Execute button (highlighted in red) or click the F8 button.



  • Our result will now be displayed on screen and we will discover how long it took to get the result.



So what happens if BizTalk is not available when you perform one of these tests?  I was curious as well so I simply disabled my receive location, executed my test and received the following result.


Its not pretty but it describes that the “program BizTalk_Z_Add” is not registered.  This is saying that our listener that is using this Program ID is not online. This is a similar error message that we receive during a failed Connected Client test from SM59.


SAP can be a very large and daunting system at times but the more and more I get into it the more comfortable  I feel about its ability to integrate with other systems.  Tools like this one (SE37) and the IDOC resubmit transaction(WE19) can be a BizTalk dev’s best friend when integrating with SAP.