I’ll be working on the “Ask the Experts” stand for BizTalk Server at TechEd in Amsterdam next week, along with other MVPs and Microsoft staff. Feel free to drop in if you have any BizTalk related questions. There’s a lot of BizTalk 2006 presentations that I want to catch, I got an early build of 2006 a couple of weeks ago, and I’d be keen to see a run-through of the new features. The new admin console is great, and the setup and config is a lot easier (have not tried a multi-box install yet though…), and working in Visual Studio 2005 is very sweet.


If any “Bloggers Guide” contributors can catch me anywhere near a bar next week, you are welcome to a free beer (or drink if you are wise enough not to indulge). It would be great to say “Cheers” for all the contributions, and keeping the guide alive. (That’s not an offer I could afford to make in Stockholm J).