I had a great time in Berlin speaking at TechEd Europe.   The recordings are now available if you want to watch.

Using Workflow and Windows Server AppFabric in your Applications

You have heard about Windows Server AppFabric but do you know what it is and what it includes? This session will show you: how to utilize WF and WCF to create an AppFabric application; how to deploy your application; how to monitor your application; and how to utilize the new functionality of the AppFabric hosting environment. In addition to all of this, we will also talk about what you need to know to start using AppFabric, and what you need to do to migrate your existing applications to AppFabric.


WCF: The Unified Services Programming Model for SOAP, REST, Data and RIA Communication

WCF 4 provides a coherent and unified services strategy for .NET. In this session we will look at how .NET developers can re-use their WCF skills to take advantage of a rich set of programming models built on a single communication framework, including: WCF WebHttp Services for RESTful services; WCF Data Services and OData; WCF Workflow Services for long-running, durable services; and WCF RIA Services for end-to-end Silverlight application development.