Today I gave a presentation on upcoming and new things in Azure. Talk about a tough
gig to condense the amazing new features into just 55 mins!!!

The crowd was great and I spoke & demoed about:

  • Cross Site VPNs (with powershell demo)

  • Cross region resilient Traffic Manager.

  • Autoscale

  • SignalR ASPNET ServiceBus backplane

  • ServiceBus Event Hubs

  • Azure Document DB

  • Azure Search

  • Application Insights

I’ve got links to the Demo & Powerpoints below Enjoy!

Here’s the links to:

  • Demos –

  • PowerPoints –


I’ve got a session tomorrow on: Extending your Security to Azure 🙂 which I’ll post
up here shortly there after.

Have a great night.


Blog Post by: Mick Badran