Well as TechEd 2010 draws to a close this year in Australia, I had a great time getting
away from it all and certainly experiencing a couple of firsts. For me this was one
of the better TechEd’s I had been to – the sessions were a little light on, but the
labs + exams made up for that big time.

So Scotty and
I developed an Integration Pre Conference Training Session aimed
at working out which MS Integration technology to run where – unscrambling the mess.
We got a great turn out for the training in terms of numbers – we beat SharePoint
2010 dev + admin!!! 🙂

For all of you whom I had the pleasure of training this week – well done! I hope you
enjoyed it and it was great sharing that time with you. The sun, sand, BizTalk and
Azurewhat could be better?? 🙂

As promised – here are the slides from those two days.


Keep smiling,