It has been a couple of years ago since I last attended a TechEd. It was 2005 in Amsterdam and I am fortunate to go this year to venue in Berlin. I know there will be a couple of BizTalk sessions like one from Mikael H%u00e5kansson called:

BizTalk Server Performance: Configuring BizTalk Server for performance

Optimizing and verifying your BizTalk Server installation is not an easy thing to do. The documentation is good but very extensive. This presentation aims to guide you through the most important operations you need to do in order to boost the performance of BizTalk. The session includes a live demo where these settings are applied and how it significantly improves the performance.

This session will cover BizTalk 2010 and MS SQL Server 20008 R2.

Or one by Paolo Salvatori and Tony Meleg:

BizTalk Biztalk Server – What is it, What’s new, What’s next


BizTalk is a key part of Microsoft’s Integration platform, if you don’t know about its powerful and rich set of capabilities, come and hear about them, learn what they can do for you. Already familiar with BizTalk and want to know what is new in BizTalk Server 2010? – then we will cover the main investment areas and show these. Finally, we will tell you where this is all going, what’s the strategy for the integration workload at Microsoft and how does BizTalk Server fit into this strategy.

                     TechEd 2010 Berlin

There will be many more session not just BizTalk. Hope to meet some of you there.