Tech-Ed 2005 took place a couple of weeks ago and I’m now finding time to post some updates. Both Brandon and I staffed the Microsoft CSI booth and presented on Implementing Real-World Integration Patterns with BizTalk. For more information on the session we presented, CSIC14 (Cabana Talk) Implementing Real-World Integration Patterns with BizTalk, please take a look at the Tech-Ed website. Our goal of the session was to take something more or less theoretical (ie patterns) and put some criteria around the patterns to determine whether application of that pattern made sense to a given business scenario. We spent the first half of our session presenting on common integration patterns that Brandon had developed for Microsoft. We also presented on the importance of patterns and contributing back to the integration community. The patterns developed are only going to grow through input from people implementing the patterns. If you’re interested in contributing to the integration patterns, feel free to look at the BEP workspace on gotdotnet. In the last half of the session we divided the group into two teams and gave each team a similiar business scenario with slightly different requirements. Based on the requirements we worked with each group and discussed which criteria to use when determining how to implement one or more integration pattern. If you weren’t able to make it to Tech-Ed or to our session you will still be able to grab our presentation, sample business scenarios, and the Pattern decision tree used to help determine if an integration pattern makes sense for the given scenario. I’ll make sure to post the information before the end of this week. I’d love any comments people might have about our presentation or materials….