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Back in February I and my college Robin did an presentation on ALM and BizTalk for the BizTalk User Group in Stockholm. In the two hour presentation we talked about things like:

  • Pros and cons on distributed version control handling systems and BizTalk (more specially Git).

  • Identifying the right level of automated test – what are the differences between integration and unit tests and how and what should one use when in a BizTalk context.

  • Using NuGet and BizTalk to handle dependencies and packages. How can we use the NuGet infrastructure to handle all BizTalk dependencies and also distribute artifacts like pipeline components within our company and teams?

  • How, in our opinion, are Continuous Integration and Delivery best handled when developing with BizTalk. In the presentation we’re looking at everything from build servers to how to handle BizTalk automated builds and packing with minimal amount of work.

So, now we doing the presentation all over again for the newly started BizTalk User Group in Gothenburg the 24 of Mars. The presentation will be in Swedish and packed with demos.

Hope to see you there!