People sometimes ask, what is the difference between catching System.Exception and
the General Exception in a Catch Exception shape in the orchestration designer in

Off course, an obvious difference is, that with the General Exception, you don’t get
an object with properties to investigate. But then it seems that the General Exception
is useless… surely there is a point to it?

Well, I was curious about this myself, so I investigated a bit, and found this
post. So basically, I think the catch of the general exception in BizTalk 2006
is a left over from BizTalk 2004. In BizTalk 2004 it made sense, since you actually
have exceptions thrown at you that didn’t derive from System.Exception. That is no
longer possible in .NET 2.0 – they just haven’t removed it from the designer – probably
just to be backwards compatible.

That’s it…