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I am proud to be part of Synegrate which is now certified as Gold Partner for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. Synegrate was already a Managed Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Integration and a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner in Cloud Competency.

Today Synegrate achieved a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competency, demonstrating a best-in-class ability and competencies on the Azure platform.

The Cloud Platform competency is designed for partners to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

This is the highest attainable partnership level and is earned after achieving the defined competency requirements.

To earn a Microsoft gold competency, partners must successfully complete exams (resulting in Microsoft Certified Professionals) to prove their level of technology expertise, and then designate these certified professionals uniquely to one Microsoft competency, ensuring a certain level of staffing capacity. They also must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance (revenue and or consumption/usage) commitment, and pass technology and/or sales assessments.

Achieving the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competency showcases Synegrate’s expertise in and commitment to today’s cloud technology market and demonstrates deep knowledge of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform.

Synegrate has proven a reliable partner for customers globally. Over the years the company has been successful in assisting customers in various Microsoft solution based endeavors that created value propositions ranging from reduced costs or complexity to increased availability and security. Here are some stories and examples of our loyal customers.

About Synegrate

Synegrate’s core focus is data. We have data coursing through our veins; it is in our DNA. We specialize in the storing, integration, dissemination, visualization and analytics of data. We create modern data driven applications, BPM (Business Process Management) processes to orchestrate data and dashboards for data analysis.

Synegrate is a 100% Microsoft focused company that is fully committed to the Microsoft Azure cloud services and solutions.

We utilize the platforms, products and tools provided by Microsoft, to provide our customers with innovation, analytics and insight. We’re a front runner in helping our customers realize their future state architectures on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We have our Head Office in California, development centers in different regions, allowing us to service the US from coast to coast.

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