You know the tags….Minority Report…intelligent fridges and washing machines knowing how to wash your clothes for you (guys…this could be our moment of fame! rather than everything coming out ‘pink’ and then you get banned from the washing machine for life!)

David McGhee ran
an RFID session at the Sydney
BizTalk User Group and a big thanks!! I’ll be grabbing his slide deck in the next
couple of days and posting it up.

And a big thanks to Matt Eschbach from in
coming to the Party with some hardware goodies, gadgets (mobile readers and fixed
readers to come) AS WELL AS A SAMPLE RFID Application that runs within the framework.
How good is that!!!!

I’ll be developing some apps going forward so that initially the User Group members
each get their own tag and can use that as an attendance indicator for each meeting.
These results will eventually be sent back to the User
Group Site. Who know we may even get some sort of live voting going during sessions……(if
you enjoyed the session go down this line to a beer…..if you didnt….go down this
beer line 🙂

Here’s some technical specifications from Matt about the devices – once again thanks

(356.49 KB)

(114.22 KB)