SWAG November Meeting

There will be a Sweden Windows Azure Group (SWAG) meeting in Stockholm on Monday 19th November. Chris Klug will be presenting a session on Windows Azure Mobile Services, and I will be presenting a session on Web Site Authentication with Social Identity Providers. Active Solution have been kid enough to host the event, and will be providing food and refreshments.

The registration link is here: http://swag14.eventbrite.com

If you would like to join SWAG the link is here: http://swagmembership.eventbrite.com

Fast with Windows Azure Competition

I’ve entered a 3 minute video of rendering a 3D animation using 256 Windows Azure worker roles in the “Fast with Windows Azure” competition. It’s the last week of voting this week, it would be great if you can check out the video and vote for it if you like it. I have not driven a car for about 15 years, so if I win you can expect a hilarious summery of the track day in Vegas. My preparation for the day would be to play Project Gotham Racing for a weekend, and watch a lot of Top Gear.

My video is “Rapid Massive On-Demand Scalability Makes Me Fast!”.

The link is here: http://www.meetwindowsazure.com/fast/