I’ll be speaking at the ASP.NET SIG of the San Diego .NET User Group tonight. Abstract is below. Meeting starts at 6:00 at the Microsoft La Jolla office.

This is basically the same presentation Allan Naim and I did recently at the SOA BP conference in Redmond and at an internal Microsoft conference.

If the demo gods are willing (as I expect them to be), I’m planning to do my shinny new demo that ties together work I’ve been doing around Dublin, Azure, WF, WCF, BizTalk 2009 and ESB Guidance 2.0.

Session Abstract:

With so many technologies to choose from, Solution Architects often find themselves unsure of what the right technologies are to address their solution needs. With the recent announcement of Microsoft’s new “Dublin” application server capabilities, architects and developers have more choices than ever and the challenge is selecting and integrating the right technologies in order to ensure that IT is agile, and that business needs are met. The goal of this session is to provide you with a holistic view of Microsoft SOA technologies focusing on building the right architecture to address specific SOA capabilities around integration, messaging, security and management using technologies such as BizTalk Server 2009, ESB Guidance v2, Managed Services Engine, .NET 4.0 and Dublin. We will look at the value each piece adds to the overall picture, and how they can be integrated in a holistic solution.

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