Hi all

A friend and colleague of mine has just release SolZip version 1.1 on CodePlex – Find
it here: http://solzip.codeplex.com/.

Basically, it is a nifty way of zipping a Visual Studio 2008 C# solution. The utility
is pointed towards the .sln file and then zips all files in the solution and projects
into one zip file.

To me this is really nice, because as of BizTalk 2009, the project files are just
specialized C# projects and therefore, it seems to work just fine for BizTalk 2009
solutions as well. I can use it when blogging to quickly zip up a solution to attach
to a blog post without having to zip the entire folder and then deleting the large
dll files and other silly stuff. SolZip just takes what is necessary.

I was the very first downloader of the 1.1 version – you should go download it now!