On December 2nd we are holding a free, all-day event focused on Silverlight.  You can attend it either in person on the Microsoft campus (where you’ll get to network with a bunch of Silverlight experts, and meet the product team), or watch it streamed live online. 

The all-day event includes a ton of great content and presentations focused on Silverlight development.  It includes a bunch of self-paced labs and walkthrough videos that enable developers that are new to Silverlight to follow along.  It also includes great presentations that will teach new tricks to advanced of Silverlight developers.  Most of the talks during the day will be focused on business application scenarios.

My Future of Silverlight Keynote

I’ll be kicking off the event with a 90 minute keynote on the future of Silverlight. In it I’ll cover our future Silverlight roadmap, and provide a first look at some of the exciting things coming.  If you are interested in Silverlight you won’t want to miss it.

How to Register

Click here to register to attend the event in person, or watch it live on the web.  Both options are available at no cost.

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