You might be wondering what do all these guys have in common….good question….

We’re currently building an RFID enabled System where complex processes
are handled by BizTalk Server, and data being pushed down to Silverlight V2.0 clients
via a WCF Silverlight ‘Eventing System’ (which really is polling under the hood, but
to us in developer land – it’s cool and it’s Events)

Scotty has
the full write up of some of his learning experiences through this – well done Scotty,
he’s been in that place where there are no manuals, no documentation, no previous
code, just a gut feel and a compass to sail the seas.

We demo-ed the system at our last user group (or more over used them a guinea pigs

Token Screen shot: (we’ve associated tags with people information
and this is what is displayed when TagReadEvents are captured. We need a little work
to avoid being underneath or on top of a previous animation)


Artists impression!