James, a student of mine this week pointed me to a great tool that ‘optimises’ your
SharePoint site (as well as websites in general).

Runtime Peformance
Optimisation (RPO) is the place where it’s all at. You basically plug your URL
in and it sends you a report on how it can be optimised.

(I’m yet to check this out) James mentioned that it operates off a DLL that you include
as part of your swag in the \bin folder (or GAC) and it requires the DLL for runtime

Here’s the process…..

1. click on the ‘Try now button’

2. Plug the values in for your site..

3. Then peruse over the emailed results at your leisure…..

It does things like Image optimisation, file compressions and even gives you the results
in cold and warm boot times!
Very very very nice!

Looks like I’ll be talking to Santa this Christmas!!! 🙂