With all the developer extensions in recent time around SharePoint (Features, Solutions
etc), I’ve found there seems to be a few little known and little used ‘other’ APIs
within the SharePoint space.

We’ve got things like WebServices and the SharePoint Object Model (SPSite etc) that
we use however, there’s a couple of other APIs that could be useful also for the times
when you’re not running locally on the SharePoint machine – they generally center
around HTTP and extending it.

Two (that come immediately to my mind) are:

1. WebDav – early versions of ‘Web Folders’ used this.

2. RPC (over HTTP) APIs – Front Page and SharePoint Designer still use these.
(InfoPath when submitting forms uses this to promote properties to a forms

A great example of this is SharePad
for SharePoint on CodePlex

Merry Christmas,