I recently came across a SharePoint Portal that previously was working a treat up
until Christmas (just gone) and then the client got this on their Create Site

So the good old “Parameter name: key” errorthat old chestnut I thought (like I had
any idea at that stage).
Null – is always an interesting thing. So something is going through
a collection and not finding the value, not that they should have tested for the existence
of the value firstbut we’ll leave that for another story.

Why this was happening now? I haven’t got to the bottom of it, could be an update?
security patch? SQL update? code somewhere? I find these things happen on the night
before an important release date.

So after sheer luck of me just ’doodling’ on the Create Site Page, this appears to
have fixed it:

From the highlighted area – just simply fill in the empty(null) search box EVEN though
we are Creating a Site here.

Go figure

Do I add SharePoint to the Wonders of the World list?