While writing a lab for an up and coming SharePoint 2010 course I came across a few
handy things.

I’ve always been a big fan of the developer dashboard and until recently the example
code has been a little scarce.

Fortunately I’ve found a couple of gems

– one from Paul
Andrew’s blog
on how to get your own text in the debug tree
using (SPMonitoredScope sc = new SPMonitoredScope(“Some timed scope”))


  // some code in here that you think may take time


and for the right side of the screen:
SPCriticalTraceCounter.AddDataToScope(uCounter, “Your category”, traceLevel,
“Detailed long message”);

– and the 2nd is an extension that sits on the Dashboard page that plots the time
taken for each component to process/render in the tree (it does this client side using
jquery and an ASCX control)

Check them out.