Breeze SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp

Breeze SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp is here!



SharePoint 2010 Bootcamps – Building Real World Solutions

eagerly anticipated SharePoint 2010 Bootcamps are underway in Australia, and here’s
what some of the excitement is about. Technical training this year is all about value
for money. After the change in the economy, customers are more careful about where
their training budget is being allocated. This year, customers need technical training
that is relevant and an investment to their business. They are looking for knowledge
that will improve business efficiencies, provide real world scenarios and give students
the confidence to be hands-on when they leave the classroom.

The new Breeze SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp has been designed to provide just that. Our
customers asked for an in-depth, technical, customized course that, if they were to
spend $$s on just one SharePoint  2010
course this year, would give them enough knowledge of the technology to build real
world solutions.

bootcamps have been written for the ITPro & Developer who need to upgrade their
SharePoint skills, or are just starting out with SharePoint 2010.

Be ready to roll up your sleeves and start your adventure here.

2nd August 2010

$3450 ex GST

NOW: info {at} breeze {d.o.t.} net

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