There should be the term “Port Instance” or something else.
In HAT we can see Service Instances in two main classes: Orchestration and Messaging.
The first one is quite understandable.
But the second one is not described in BTS Help.
As I can imagine it is the part of the port which created in “per-message” basis like Orchestration.
Now “Messaging” is the term for it. But Messaging could be attached to anything in BizTalk, it is too wide term.
But I don’t mind any term. Now we DON’T have ANY term.
Nowhere in Help we could find description of this “Instance part of Port”, we could only guess.
Now this term is used on “BizTalk developer team” level.


If it is not possible to hide it from BizTalk Users then BizTalk Users have to got this term, got to description of what’s going on inside BizTalk with it.


I don’t like term the “Port Instance” but it is not the point.