The announcement has not gone out yet, but…. I will be doing an Oslo presentation on Tuesday at the main meeting of the San Diego .NET User Group. This is a bit impromptu, as it turned out I would be home the week of the meeting (somewhat a rarity as I have been home for one week out of eight), the meeting is on Tuesday, and on Monday Microsoft will start to talk about, and show, Oslo to the world. So, we looked at all those things and decided to modify the meeting. Thanks to Scott Reed of Developmentor for being accommodating and yielding a time slot for me to do this.

As far as I know, this is the first user group presentation on Oslo and the new wave of technologies that Microsoft has been investing heavily in. This is the same presentation I did a couple of weeks ago at the SOA Symposium in Amsterdam, only I will be able to speak a bit more freely. If time permits, I will even show some tools (live, running bits, not just PowerPoint!).

Joe McKendrick, an analyst who writes the Service-Oriented blog at ZDNet, blogged about the Amsterdam presentation here.

You can get time/location information at the website, session info is below.

If you’re in San Diego and work with .NET, you’ll want to see this as it affects you greatly (although you may not know it yet :))

Session title:
A Look at Microsoft’s New Wave of Technologies

Session abstract:
The technologies currently being built by Microsoft are a major initiative with a goal to make it easier to design, construct, deploy and manage distributed applications and services. It is an evolution of SOA technologies, encompassing Windows Communications Foundation, the next version of .NET, BizTalk Server, Windows Workflow Foundation, Visual Studio and more. Using those technologies as a starting point and building on them, the new “Oslo” modeling platform also introduces a suite of modeling tools and a repository that allow the creation of role-based tools that can be used throughout an application’s lifecycle.

This wave of technologies will have a profound impact on the way software is created and managed. In this session, we will look at what an architect needs to know about the various technologies, and gain an understanding of how they fit together.

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