I applogize for being anything but prompt on this.

The zip file can be found here.

Steps for setting up Role Link Sample –

1. Create a receive port in BTS Explorer
2. Create 2 send ports – RoleLinkTest_Approver1 and RoleLinkTest_Approver2
3. Set your transports, send or receive locations, etc for your ports
4. Create a party called Approver1.  Choose RoleLinkTest_Approver1 as their send port.
5. Create a party called Approver2.  Choose RoleLinkTest_Approver2 as their send port.

At this point you should be able to deploy the project.  Once the project has been successfully

deployed, you should now have a new Role listed in BTS Explorer called

RoleLinkSample.RoleLinkTestOrchestration.Purchasing.Approver.  This is from the role link type we

created earlier.

6. Right click on the new Role and select “Enlist Party”.  Choose are 2 parties.  From this point

forward, if you wanted to add new parties (for new trading partners perhaps), you would just repeat

steps 4,5 and 6…it’s that easy!!!

Now you can run the test files through.  Read back through the previous post on role links, and

follow along this example (pay attention to the expression shape that initializes the ports). 

Hopefully it will make a little more sense.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if the setup instructions are lacking.

ooops, almost forgot..take a look at the 2 files you’ll be submitting, and don’t forget to point the project to a keyfile.