Our Australian Govt. has been busy over Christmas by finally legalising RFID UHF Reader
Frequencies and Power Output!

Previously the ‘work around’ was to operate under a Scientific (Experimental)
– these were controlled by GS1 – a global standards body.
(Things here are made a little more complicated as one of the Mobile Phone companies
licensed a slice of the UHF Reader bandwidth – or maybe the mobile phone company got
there first and readers came second….it’s getting late.
So all reader configurations had to respect their range – around 926MHz)

Drilling in a bit further the stipulations were:

1. The Reader could not exceed 2W without paying more License $$ for the 2-4W Range.
<1W didn’t even blip on the RFID police’s radar.

2. The Site/Venue needed a ‘Site’ License to operate these Readers (once again my
experience was <1W no questions asked)

Well *finally* the Govt. passed a bill legalising the 4W UHF Readers.

Details can be found here – December 18th 2008.