Since Lakshmi (our BizTalk MVP, and a good friend) is away on a long term assignment, I will be leading BUG-i (BizTalk User Group – India).

I want to see lot of activity going on in this forum and conduct at least 2 user group sessions a month.


We have to put the life back in BUG-i and I need all your support to do that.


I know there are a lot of guys and gals out there who are new and want to learn BizTalk and those who are already into it and want to know its internals and stuff.


So I plan to take regular sessions which will benefit both the newbie as well as the seasoned BizTalk developers.



So guys wake up… show your enthusiasm… let me know the topics you will be interested in…. get everyone registered into this user group… everyone you know, who is interested in BizTalk, I know there are lots in Bangalore.


Let me know if anyone wants to do a presentation at BUG-i as well…


Thanks & Regards

Benny Mathew

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Bangalore, India

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