Now that I’m done with the major writing portion of my book,
I’m going to try to post more.

Many of my posts will be about the technical details of using REST and WCF (the main
thrust of my book).

I’m going to also start some linking to other blogs, which in the past I’ve kind of
stayed away from.

The purpose of these links will be to try to bring some of the ideas of REST that
exist outside of windows and .NET developers, to the .NET developer’s space.

The post I am linking to today is by Steve
. Steve is a pretty interesting person, having worked at a company that
built RPC systems for many years, he is now building software for a company (I think
we still don’t know what the company is or what it does.

The point of his post
is one that I have found to be pretty true. People that actually has built
a system with REST versus SOAP/RPC aren’t the ones out there saying that SOAP/RPC
is superior to REST (or the typical “I just don’t get why I’d care about REST”).

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