Every developer knows about and uses Reflector 😉 I use it a lot to learn about the inner workings of products. When analyzing what goes where and why, it’s easy to lose track (jumping from method to method to base class, etc.). Bookmarks are quick and easy, but don’t allow for a description to be added. If I need to get back to a certain point within my analysis two weeks (ok, ok, two minutes ;-)) later, the Type declaration from the bookmarks doesn’t help me.

Meet Reflector Favorites!

I wrote Reflector Favorites. It allows for developers to:

  • Easily tag a location within Reflector, adding a description that works for you.
  • Import/Export favorites between computers.
  • Share favorites (they work as long as you have the right assemblies opened in Reflector).

Reflector Favorites in action.

I hope someone finds this useful. As always, use at your own risk, no warranties of any kind.