Some time ago, back on the 20th of November, Richard Seroter visited BizTalk User Group Sweden and talked about BizTalk, SOA and leveraging the cloud. His talks are now live on channel9, part 1 and part 2. A short blogpost explaining the talk is here.

It was great fun to have Richard visit, although some (most) of the laughter and clapping that your hear on the videos is really due to me making a pantomime Richard imitation outside of the frame of the video and should not be credited to him 😉

Getting the videos published wasn’t lightning fast due to some unfortunate circumstances and personnel changes. Hopefully that will be all ironed out by November 26th when Charles Young swings by us again, this time to talk about the Business Rules Framework. I’m sure it’ll be a classic. Take the chance to say “I was there”. There are still slots left. Sign up here.

Should you happen to pass by Sweden and have an interesting Connected Systems topic that you would like to talk about feel free to drop us a line.

Or as Richard commented his visit on his blog through this sentence taken totally out of it’s context 😉 “If you get the chance to visit this user group as an attendee or speaker, don’t hesitate to do so.