The Visual Studio 2010 RC and .NET Framework 4.0 RC went live this week to MSDN subscribers.

Our UE team has made available a bunch of improved topics and new topics along with the RC release.

  • All the samples have a readme / documentation topic. More than ~200 WF/WCF sample readmes were added for this milestone.

  • 131 How To and Conceptual topics have been created since Beta2. Persistence, monitoring, routing and discovery were the areas that the UE team invested in.

  • Documentation for the WF designer!

Here’s where you’ll find the documentation:

We would LOVE to get feedback on our docs and samples. The UE team is working on the RTM doc refresh and plans to do monthly refreshes thereafter – any feedback you have will help us prioritize how we can invest in our docs to make them more useful to you. So please respond back with your feedback, and I’ll work with UE to action it!