In my previous blog post I’ve described how I consumed a service that uses ws2007FederationHttpBinding from BizTalk Server; my next task was to expose an orchestration as a WCF service that uses this binding.

In that post I’ve described what I think is a bug in BizTalk R2/2009 which prevents me from setting the issuer configuration through the UI.

When consuming such a service this configuration exists in the send port, and I’ve managed to get enough time to manually edit a BizTalk bindings file to import in order to set the required configuration I can’t set through the UI; I have tried to do the same for the receive location, but the binding file’s format is different and my few attempts before my time ran out did not work.

I have submitted this buy to Microsoft, and hopefully they’ll provide a fix/some information about a possible work around; I suspect my best bet is to use the explorer OM to configure the receive location, but I just can’t get the time to do it now, so – I’m afraid this post is mostly a place holder, and I really hope I’d be able to come and update it with some more details soon.