I’ve been dying to provide an update on the book for some weeks but I thought it best not to keep drip feeding small progress steps, as of today (21st February) the author review (AR) process is now complete and the book is off for copyediting which ultimately means a series of PDFs are created for each chapter which we do a last “visual” check on before publishing starts!

We’re up against the wire but April seems to be the likely “in-store” date, I’ll let you know when this firms up so get your pre-orders in! 

I’m amazed at the level of excitement there seems to be out there, it doesn’t go a day without somebody internally to Microsoft or externally asking for an update and that they’re looking forward to it – I’m honoured!   I’m also heavily encouraged by the comments coming back from reviewers, Yossi has posted a great blog posting about the book and did some fantastic reviewing along with Jon Fancey who’s done a great job at reviewing and highlighting extra content.  A big Thank You to all the other reviewers!

The review process has been extremly time consuming largely down to me writing yet more pages of content when I should have been reviewing, ahh the joys of being a perfectionist. 

From reading Kevin’s (Pipelines, Testing and Low Latency) and Ewan’s (Administration) chapters I was struck at just how much stuff I learnt – which is a good thing 🙂   I now even know how the database backup and log shipping stuff works which I just hadn’t really bothered in all honestly to look at before!   One of the best decisions I made was to bring extra authors on to ensure we had the best people covering the right stuff.

Whilst we’re a few months later than I was hoping I’m pleased we’ve taken the extra time to make doubly sure the book contains everything we set out to cover and is as accurate as possible.  The front cover hasn’t been updated on Amazon yet but should reflect both Kevin and Ewan shortly, it was a bit lonely with just me!

Amazon.com list the book here
Amazon.co.uk list the book here

I will post another update once it goes to the printers…

Thanks again everyone for your support!