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I’ve talked a lot about efficient documentation previously on this blog, both when in comes to splitting the documentation up in different layers as here, but also in relation to tools BizTalk Documenter and BizTalk Web Documenter for automatically generation technical documentation as here.

Last week I however had the pleasure to present on the BizTalk User Group Sweden meeting and got to talk all documentation for a whole hour! You can find the PPT from the meeting here.

I ended the presentation by presenting the ten commandments for efficient system integration documentation:

I. Thou shall not manually document anything that can be automatized!

II. Thou shall keep it simple & make it look nice

III. Thou shall use a wiki based platform

IV. Thou shall use pictures whenever appropriate

V. Thou shall have well defined guidelines for your documentation

VI. Thou shall have a well defined target audience for your documentation

VII. Thou shall document continuously in your project

VIII. Thou shall have a common vocabulary and common icons defined

IX.Thou shall test your documentation with target audience

X. Thou as the developer of an integration should document it