In a recent MSDN webcast given by Richard Seroter somebody asked about how to avoid “first hit latency” caused by JIT compiling web service code which is deployed not compiled by default. In my post about web project deployment I wrote about precompiling BizTalk web services using aspnet_compiler that will cure this problem. I just wanted to highlight some details.

First, the project can not be compiled in-place, otherwise files get overwritten. It’s better to create separate folder for precompiled web artifacts and pass it as -targetDir to aspnet_compiler.exe.

Second, since you most likely use some script to add assemblies to the BizTalk application its good to use -fixednames option to get consistent file names and directory structure across builds.

Third, if you still want to have some source files updateable (let’s say documentation aspx pages), you’ can provide -u switch to the compiler.

And the last, it’s always good to sign your assemblies with strong key so there are -keyfile, -delaysign, -aptca compiler switches to do that.