As my good friend pointed out – Rahul
, the BizTalk 2009 documentation is available for public download.

Things such as:

  • runtime engine
  • mapping
  • Orchestrations
  • Adapter V1.0 Frameworks
  • BizTalk Applications
  • BizTalk Deployment of Applications

Have all generally (obvious fixes and improvements as needed) stayed the same.

Whereas, a quick summary of things I’d be looking for in the documentation:

  • Incorporating BizTalk Project builds into automated tested suites (TFS etc) – Biztalk
    2009 projects can now be built through MSBUILD as a regular project in the solution.
  • Individual components such as Schemas and Maps can be formally unit tested (previously
    we wrote our own helper classes to make this stuff happen) – although, at the moment
    when testing a schema, I haven’t been getting back details of the error…just a pass/fail.
  • BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 (Sql, Oracle x 2, SAP, Siebel…) – based on WCF channel
    stack…very nice! (can be standalone if needed)
  • WS Federated bindings
  • and the list goes on…..

Download a Searchable
BizTalk Help File
– very handy to have when planning your upgrades or migrations.