Since I started releasing the ESB Toolkit how-to videos, I’ve had several people ask me for the source code for all of the components I demo’d. Well, it took me way to long to get them packaged up, but here they are finally. I’ve packaged up everything that I used during the demos and it should be fairly straight forward for you to install it. There is an installation guide (Word 2007 format) contained in the attached ZIP archive that walks you through the install process.

The reason that I finally got around to getting this done is that my examples are now going to be used for the hands-on-labs at PDC 2009. If you want to get some hands on experience with the ESB Toolkit, drop by the Hands-On-Labs area of PDC and you will be able to work through the same projects that I have demo’d in the ESB Toolkit How-To series. 

Cheers and keep on BizTalking