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This post is written by Microsoft Gold Partner Enkay Tech ( to highlight a new product to help with monitoring BizTalk solutions.

When your BizTalk environment is running well and within capacity, your total cost of ownership (TCO) is low. However, without proper monitoring, failures could occur that could significantly increase TCO. For example, when you receive unusually large message payloads from a customer or when new applications are deployed that cause a significant increase in load, or when SQL jobs have stopped/failed, BizTalk could exceed optimal utilization of available resources. If these failures are not resolved in a timely fashion, BizTalk messaging throughput could decrease, integration durations could increase, and timeouts could occur. To recover, one may need to do some of the following tasks, all of which result in an increase in TCO:

  1. Suspended messages may need to be resumed or messages routed to the exceptions database may need to be recovered and resubmitted.
  2. If BizTalk services are down, external applications cannot communicate with BizTalk, and these applications will need to recover and replay their requests once BizTalk services are back online.
  3. Perform cleanup of data (e.g. roll back transactions).

Watch our Enkay Tech webcast ( on May 22nd at 1:30 pm Central Standard Time to see how Enkay PRO can help reduce TCO. For example, you will see how your operations team can view graphs that continuously display application activity including message counts, message sizes, throughput and durations. By using these graphs, the team can get visibility into performance issues that could impact business service level agreements (SLA). They can perform deep analysis by viewing historical data to quickly identify issues that caused the failure. They can search for details on EDI transactions that are being sent to and being received from trading partners. With proactive monitoring and alerting, Enkay PRO can help customers see the value BizTalk is delivering and verify that business SLAs are being met.

No license fees are required to install and use Enkay PRO for qualified customers. You can download and use Enkay PRO for any number of users, any number of servers, and any number of environments. Free support for ninety (90) days is provided, which includes installation and training. Additional paid support for Enkay PRO software is available and includes customization and consulting services. For more information visit: