I talked about the results of a benchmarking study performed by Greg Leake a couple months back on my blog. Greg took a hard look at Windows Server 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 in comparison to IBM’s Power6 and WebSphere 7 from both a cost and performance standpoint. The results  show that customers can save up to  81% in total system costs  by running applications on Windows Server 2008 rather than IBM WebSphere 7 on Power6/AIX.  The study also shows that Power6 customers who switch to Windows Server 2008, but continue to use WebSphere, could save up to 66%. What’s more, these cost cutting measures do not come at the sacrifice of performance; customers could see an increase in performance up to 57% by employing .NET Framework and/or Windows Server 2008.


Why do I bring this up again? Well, we’re not done putting our platform to the test! Recently, we discovered that IBM quietly published their own benchmarking results to attempt to invalidate our original results. This provides us with yet another opportunity to make some comparisons, and bring them out to our collective customers in a public forum. The outcome – we stand by our previously published results and my earlier invitation stands to have IBM to meet us in an independent lab to perform additional testing of the .NET StockTrader and WSTest benchmark workloads and pricing analysis of the middle tier application servers tested in our benchmark report.


I guess the only thing I’m left wondering about is who will love Windows next?