In my last post I wrote "Oslo" == Windows Registry++, to describe the simplicity of "Oslo". I also said "the simplicity of "Oslo" is what makes up its complexity".

SOA has different impact upon different roles within an organization. But if you would be a "Process Developer", you would have this "toolbox of services", which you could reuse when creating your processes. One could imagine such a tool being Visio, and where you'd find the publicly exposed service in some toolbox window, and you could drag these services to the process surface to compose the content of the process. So far these services has been more or less the endpoints of those services.

-Now, imagine the Repository of "Oslo" being the source of that toolbox window. -But hey, the repository stores much more then endpoints, right…It stores models of endpoints, services, workflow's or your custom processes etc. These could all be reused across your organization.

Does this mean Models == Service or perhaps SOA has grown to MO or MOA? And another thing that will blow your mind, put your Repository in Windows Azure, and share your models across organization boundaries …

BTW…The slogan for PDC 2008 was "Think WAY out side the box"