As the Beta release for the Adapter pack approaches, here’s a list of changes in the Oracle EBS/DB Adapters so that you can prepare for it:


%u00b7         Now support Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008


%u00b7         Based on Oracle ODP.Net


Both adapters now _require_ ODP.Net installed on the client as compared to ODP.Net which was the base for CTP 5 and earlier. Doing this enables us to deliver x64 support.


%u00b7         Added Synonym support


Both adapters now support synonyms. Synonyms show up in the object tree wherever the underlying artifact (table/view etc.) of that type can occur. Synonyms are supported for the following types.

  • Tables

  • Views

  • Materialized views

  • Sequences

  • Procedures

  • Functions

  • Packages

Synonyms are not supported for:

  • Types

  • Synonyms

In addition, synonyms pointing to DB links are not supported.


%u00b7         Added performance counters


We’ve added performance counters to both Adapters which are described in the online help.


%u00b7         Added notification support, support for User Defined Types (UDTs)  in the DB Adapter


Please note that this is not a complete list of changes. That list is available in the online documentation.