I just got back from an extended week in Barcelona, so I don’t know how long this thing is already available but you can download the Office 2007 Client Applications from the MSDN Subscribers Downloads!

Welcome to Microsoft%u00ae Office Professional 2007, the suite of Microsoft Office system products designed with business professionals in mind. Office Professional 2007 helps business professionals save time and stay organized with powerful and easy-to-use tools for managing customer information and marketing activities, analyzing and reporting business information, and producing professional-quality communications.

  • Office Professional 2007 includes the following Microsoft Office system programs:
  • Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel%u00ae 2007
  • Microsoft Office Outlook%u00ae 2007 with Business Contact Manager
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint%u00ae 2007
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007

Let’s wait for the server components!

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