Sorry I went dark right after the MVP Summit but I've been on medical leave due to a bad reaction to my cholesterol medication. I returned from Seattle on Saturday afternoon and felt just fine until Monday evening when I began to feel extreme pain in both legs. It was honestly like someone had run over my legs with a truck. My doctor said I was experiencing an unusual (but no unheard of) side effect of my cholesterol medication ("statin") and it would take several days for the affects to wear off. So I've spent the past few days almost completely immobile and in incredible pain. Only now, a week later, can I walk around the house without feeling like a 94 year old. Luckily my blood tests came back and showed no liver or permanent muscle damage.

There is a moral to this story and a lesson that I've finally learned (it only took 47 years). When your doctor prescribes a long term medication, ALWAYS READ THE DESCRIPTION, especially the part that talks about possible side effects. And if you start feeling those side effects, CALL YOUR DOCTOR immediately, not after "toughing it out" for six weeks. The life legs you save may be your own!

Next post will be technical, I promise!

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