There I was rebuilding a new VPC Image (which I’m running in Virtual Box) and the
base VHD is a parent of 16GB.

For an install of Win2008, VS.NET 2010, SQL2008… it’s pretty much game over with
a full disk.

I spent the last 3 days shifting files around to clear space

So tonight I bit the bullet and Ghosted the partition over to a 200GB – much
better 🙂

This issue I had was that the boot environment was different and ‘in the good old
days’ we’d change the BOOT.INI and bobs your uncle.

Welcome to Vista and beyond…as you know we have the BCD Store

There’s a very common tool (blogged about everywhere) called BCDEDIT.EXE which
if GUIDs are your think and long command line options, you can ‘manually’ manage the
Store (there’s also a bunch of 3rd party apps that say ‘lets do this from the UI’
– I’m in recovery mode)

For the life of me I couldn’t remember the tool I used last time this happened to
me, which I said ‘don’t forget Mick’.

BOOTREC /rebuildbcd

Too easy…then if you can’t sleep you could also crack onto BCDEDIT.EXE to ‘customise’
some aspect. (e.g. booting up off multiple logical CORES)




I will not forget Bootrec