You are maybe already aware of our new Health Check tool "BizTalk Health Monitor" (aka " BHM") available now in its version 2. If not, I invite you strongly to download it and use it to check periodically for the good health of your BizTalk production platforms.

BHM is a full MMC snap-in sharing the same engine and repository (queries and rules) than MBV to analyze in-depth a  BizTalk group and present all important information in a complete dashboard view.
This MMC was created to replace definitively MBV by presenting in a more user friendly format its analyze results and providing so a better experience.
Its snap-in format allows to be easely integrated in an existing MMC like the BizTalk Administration console, and its TreeView control allows to keep well organized its multiple profiles and generated reports, making much more easy their comparison.
BHM provides also schedule & notification features, integrated perfomance counters views, and its latest version is now completly customizable; you can so customize as you want its dashboard view and add very easely your own queries and rules !

I inform you so that no updated public version of MBV will be available. Next updates of the rich repository of MBV (its large set of queries and rules raising warnings)  will be available only via BHM which will be periodicallly updated.

I encourage you to test BHM and its numerous features and report your feedbacks on the BHM blog

FYI, BHM v3 is in preparation and should provide remediation features 



Blog Post by: JPAUC