There is a new version of the Windows Azure platform AppFabric SDK was made available yesterday, you can get it here. There was also a scheduled outage of the service yesterday while the team did a “major software upgrade”, presumably this is tidying things up in advance of going production live on Jan 1. There was a pre-announcement of breaking changes posted here, but I missed that.

My first clue that something had changed was that the Access Control Service wasn’t talking to me anymore :). I also had an issue with it when I tried to run an existing ServiceBus client application.

Updating the SDK solved everything (and obviously you’ll need to rebuild any client apps to get the new assemblies).

So if you’re doing anything with the Azure platform AppFabric, you want to install the new SDK

We are now just DAYS away from all this going live, I’m excited, and will be posting more soon. We’ve been getting closer and closer to this new era for some time, and now, it starts for real.