In his MiX 2010 keynote, Doug Purdy announced a new service that exposes data in SQL Azure to web based clients using the OData protocol.


The new service is exciting for two reasons:


1)      It can be used to publish SQL Azure data with no code, and

2)      It uses AppFabric Access Control (ACS) exclusively for authentication and authorization.


You can learn more about it from the following blog posts:


%u00b7         How to Use OData for SQL Azure with AppFabric Access Control explains how to configure a SQL Azure database for publication and how to build clients that can access it.

%u00b7         Silverlight Clients and AppFabric Access Control provides more detail on using Silverlight clients with ACS.

%u00b7         Silverlight Samples for OData Over SQL Azure describes some code samples that you can use to get started with the new service, or with any service protected by ACS using Silverlight clients.




The Windows Azure platform AppFabric Team